Guess Who - Game

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The guy on the left here?

The guy on the left here? The bigger one? I think so, yeah...

If one of his teammates (maybe only a certain one) asked him for a piggyback ride, would he accept? That is quite likely
David Gaudu? No - as Samu pointed out above
Born in '96.? Yes
Guillaume Martin? No
Did he finish the Tour? Yes
Was one of his teammates in the Tour an Aussie? Yes
If yes, did said Aussie finish the race? No
From a country with a GT? Yes
From a coutnry with a monument? Yes
Have domestic riders made half of their Tour lineup? Yes!
Domestic rider on the team? Yes
Team from a monarchy? No
Rode the Giro? No
Rode the Tour? Yes
Rode a monument this year? Yes
Only WT of the country? No
On a European WT team? Yes
GT stage winner? No
Ridden a GT this year? Yes
European? Yes
On a WT team? Yes
Female? No
Inactive? No
Non-Chaves/non-Schleck? Yes
Yeah, it looks likethere's at least three years between them and not just three months.

(I thought about trying to find someone who was French, but who had never been to France in a racing capacity, but I was too lazy do the research)

French? No
Has French teammates? No
Ever been to France in a racing capacity? Yes
Active? Yes