Guess Who - Game

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(that's the Far East, no "ish") It is, but it isn't the first thing you'd think of. Besides, so's the whole Indochinese region and the PRC, both of which were queried subsequently!
Ever been national champion? Yes
Did he do the World's? No (we've established he's >23, and Jambaljamts Sainbayar is on a UCI team this year)
Ever rode the HTV Cup? Not that I can trace
Did he have a Bold teammate last year? No
Huh... according to FirstCycling there are no Mongolian Amateur teams...? Well, I'm pretty sure that the team he raced for this season - which has the word Team in its name - is not a pro team. I assume it's simply not listed at First as it's pretty obscure and I only knew by looking up a particular result in a race he did this season - I had to use cyclingarchives to do so. It's probably an outright club team rather than an Elite-2 team so not listed the way, say, Super Froiz or Telco'm would be.

Ever participated at the Worlds? Yes