Happy Easter

I had an awesome Easter.. which included@8 humming birds fueling at a plastic bottle feeder given to me @5 days ago.. I also tried to introduce some Mexican youth to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.. peeled the aluminum seal off the jar..GF puts jar in fridge for preservation.. while trying to heat up the PB in the microwave so I could spread it without tearing the bread..a crazy spark and fire light show took place in the kitchen as the left over aluminum foil on the jars edge exploded!! Way to go white boy!
Made a 9 pound standing rib roast.. looked and tasted fantastic!! Glad I didn't make turkey.
saw a guy I have not seen in 6 months..had coffee.. observing his broken femer cast! I guess he won't be racing at Redlands..
And to top things off had beer at Agua Mala while enjoying a beautiful view of the spring time Pacific..
I hope everyone had an equal or better Easter than mine!!
But, but, what if Jesus pulled an April Fool's Day joke and had decided to not rise this year? :p

But seriously, and to answer Unchained's question - I just go through the motions these days being I was raised catholic...

I still color some easter eggs (and actually eat them), set the table, clean the place up a bit... mom had cooked both ham and a goose, neither of which I ate because I'm vegetarian. And that's about it.

On the brighter side I did finally figure out what to do with that godforsaken cross-stitching project that I had mentioned in the DIY thread - just cut the *** and get to the point, is what I says. (More to be mentioned at some later date in the DIY thread.)
My Easter was pretty chill. Had to skip several of the family plans due to Spring not exactly being springey over here...
We usually have nettle soup on Good Friday in my family, but that's a bit hard without nettles.

And Sunday, well; lunch with the family, day-long hogging of the television.