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Horner speaks


I know Horner is bummed but that's life.

He has worked tirelessly for others his entire European career. The least The Hog could do is build a team around Horny to give him a chance at Lombardia.

Chris deserves a shot at a monument he is capable of winning as his career winds down. Let's hope this serves as motivation for Chris to close out the season with a ride for himself around Lago di Como!
May 13, 2009
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Interesting. So the last spot wasn't between Noval, Horner and Rast, it was between Paulinho and Horner. AC is even more screwed than I thought.
As sad as I am on Horners behalf (I too think he deserved a spot), I really don't fancy his rather explicit pointing fingers at Contador. Just reading the comments from American cycling fans shows that they tend to overinterpret the statement. Politics it definitely was, but Bruyneel can't exactly be surprised that he had to make this tough (granted) decision.

Alberto Contador has the last couple of years proved that he's our current generations best GT rider and as such he deserves a complete team to back him up. JB hasn't just didn't manage to back his top rider, he actually brought a "long lost lover" in the mix (I'm 100 % sure there's no AC-JB contract next year). Not a wise decision IMO. But done is done, regardless AC deserves one rider at his full disposal (Maybe Zubeldia will count as one as well, but the rest can't exactly be said to be pro-AC or a massive help to AC). Paulinho WAS the wise choice, Johan.

Horner should join a team where he can get the role of Captain for several key races, he deserves it. That team is NOT Astana.

P.S. I'm not anti-Lance/anti-Bruyneel at all, just thought Horners gentleman-like response has gotten the wrong spin in USA...
Kazistuta said:
Horner should join a team where he can get the role of Captain for several key races, he deserves it. That team is NOT Astana.

Too bad Horner couldn't get his release from Astana to JOIN a team that actually wanted him for the Tour...now that's a **** move. Keep him off the Tour team - regardless of why - but then don't let him out of his contract so that he could find a ride with a Tour team... Legal? Yes. Sporting? No.
Apr 22, 2009
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I know one GC contender who would have Horner back in a second.
Horner would be more valuable than the lame *** who is now riding for Astana that he had last year.
Horner cannot exactly complain. He knew when he went to Astana he would be selling his chance to ride for himself. Yeah, sucks to be him, but he could have accepted less money and stayed at SL. At his age he probably made the right choice.

There was not way Bruyneel would give another team a good domestique for the TdF. That was crazy, wishful thinking on Horner's part.