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Hot racing coming up in Australia

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Velolover2 said:
tobydawq said:
Velolover2 said:
Why do Sagan always have to attack. Why not just wait for the sprint and take an easy win?

GC? Anticipate being on the defensive? Who else would control all the way if he sat back?

And it was still easy.

Yeah I know. But sometimes it seems like he is too eager. It's a dangerous gamble to take.

At least he provides entertainment. Climbers are boring here. He gives you something to watch.
Impey is the main threat to Porte, but he has to finish in the top-3 tomorrow to have a chance. Other than that, it is only an extraordinary performance from Sagan that could challenge Porte for the overall win if the latter does as usual on his climb. At this point in the race, Porte can be really happy with how the bonus seconds have been distributed so far, as this route (relatively) really didn't favour him.