Hot racing coming up in Australia

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Nick White beats Brenton Jones in the Bay Crits day 2.
Chloe Hosking wins the women's race which was marred by a terrible crash.
Shannon Malseed had a big fall and it took an hour to stabilize her before transport to hospital.
Emma Chilton and Molly Patch also went down in the same crash and have been hospitalized.
Mens race was reduced in length due to the delay.
The Womens ITT top 5. Herfoss a very credible effort, and was leading at the intermediate.

1 Sarah GIGANTE 42:41.82
2 Grace BROWN 42:50.99 +9.1
3 Emily HERFOSS 42:52.13 +10.3
4 Amanda SPRATT 43:23.29 +41.4
5 Shara GILLOW 43:34.39 +52.5
Hard to assess this year's men's ITT as they rode a different course this year - Can say that MS has allowed Durbridge to go full gas in ITT's in Europe and he hasn't translated his form from Australia - Dennis will ride the ITT at the Olympics and fill one of the four RR spots - Gigante ia big talent with a big engine - She has been poorly advised as there is no way she should be riding for Tibco which do a mainly USA calendar - She needs to be riding full-time in Europe to learn the nuances of riding in a peleton - She should be riding with Mitchelton Scott - Even though she's barely touched the surface with her ITT, selectors will choose Brown to ride the ITT and provide support in the RR.