How are the others going to beat Froome?

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Bardet did a tremendous Allos descent, but Sky took it like they were on a Sunday ride. No way any of the gc guys can put any significant time here on Froome. Except Nibali could maybe take 30", but Froome sure couldn't care less about that.
I hope nobody beat Froome becouse he is the best GT rider of the last years and he has just one Tour, and he deserved more, although whoever won if he is the best is OK.

But I hope they try and I think is not going to be easy, As I said Froome took advantage in the first mountain stage, especially if is only one climb, respect the pure climbers, but now, with more mountain stage on the legs, Quintana can put him in problems, and Valverde can help well if there is hot. I dont believe in an "everybody againts SKY", becouse everyone has his interest, but it is possible that people as Nibali and Contador join forces not especially to look for a best possition, but to show something to his fans to remember by puting in problems to Froome in a long tactic strategy.

But the only man, and we knew that from the begining, that could beat him, despite he is young, is another big talent as Quintana.
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Dazed and Confused said:
ray j willings said:
Valverde and Quintana have something special planned for the Alp's

lol, exactly.
Valverde holding back. Crazy tactics so far.
As sad as it sounds, they were the only ones that at least tried to do something. Well Nibali too of course, but his attacks are usually strong in the beginning and then he fades. Valverde gets a lot of *** here. Even if he isn't exactly dying for Quintana, he clearly did work for him. They'll play more aggressively from now on I'm sure of that. Also I don't mind if Bala wants to finish on the podium in the end. It's a result he is missing in his career and he's been trying to accomplish that for quite some time now.

LaFlorecita said:
Oh, Taxus again with his usual *** that Contador even in top shape isn't even close to Froome's level.
Taxus, have you ever considered starting a Froome fanclub?
A) No need for bad language :)
B) He didn't imply that Contador at his best is nowhere near Froome. Where did you see that?

LaFlorecita said:
Oh, Taxus again with his usual *** that Contador even in top shape isn't even close to Froome's level.
Taxus, have you ever considered starting a Froome fanclub?
I am not a Froome fan, sorry, I am fan all cyclist, but especially of Rigo, Landa,...

That is an objetive thing, Froome is better in top form if both are in legal level.

This Tour with so short queen stages in the Alps and so little ITT suits better to Contador, but anyway Froome is the best.

If you want tio believe that contador is better becouse he won la Vuelta maybe who are in BS is you.

Anyway I love the way in the race of Contador trying to attack and he is going to make something nice for this Tour, I am happy about that, firts of all I love cycling.

Contador is just 32, Tour is the best race when everybody go at his best level. if he is better to froome, he just have to prepare the best way he consider to get the best shape in le Tour and beat him.

Oh wait, he won le Tour in the past, so that doesnt motivated him... Good try as excuse :rolleyes:

He won at Quintana and Froome in training mode in Vuelta and Route du sud, if him and you, his fans, are happy, very well for you, but that doenst show he is the best, in top shape after his santion Contador has never do the performance in ITT that Froome at his best, the performance in mountain stage as Froome at his best,...he was close in Dauphiné, but not better.

Quintane is a better climber than Froome, but in a Tour to climb is not only a question on that, anyway I think Quintana will be better some days in the mountais than Froome, maybe in Alp Duez... Just a little...Anyway he is young, so he will improve and we will enjoy in the future.

If you are a fan of Contador, what you must to ask him is that he ride till 36. I understand if he leave before, becouse cycling world get tired, but he could be at his best level till that age.