How could the tour improve long flat transitional stages?

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Hi, a lot of people i have spoken to have found this tour very underwhelming so far!

The grand depart felt like a smaller event that of the giro or the any previous grand departs.
Then because of having the grand depart in Normandy obviously transitional stages were needed.

I wrote this on my blog about how to improve these type of stages
"I had the idea of having bonus seconds at the top of climbs as well as on intermediate sprints. If placed smartly within a stage’s profile the GC contenders would have come out for a sprint and it would definitely animate the long transitional stages."

How else would you improve the long transitional stages?

I'm confused as to why the Tour even started in Normandy? The routes chosen up there were awful! The roads were too protected reducing opportunity for crosswinds, there were no cobbles, no punchy decisive climbs nothing.
It was probably chosen as they offered the most money, but shouldn't they consider the effect on the racing?

Personally i think ASO have a lot of question to answer.
What do you think?
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