How dodgy is San Millán

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Is San Millán dodgy?

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Oct 16, 2010
Dr. Maserati said:
You accuse his team of doping, him of lying and employing staff (from Spain!!!) to dope riders.....
And then you want him to not take it personally?
putting words in my mouth for the Xth time. a bit unnecessary.

you're not providing links, not addressing questions, not addressing facts laid out here, putting quotes in other peoples mouths. And what else? Little else. This is as close to trolling as it gets. Disappointing coming from you, Dr. Mas.
sniper said:
Oh, big boohoo. And calling a fellow forum member a liar is all right in your book, I guess.

And for the rest. You stop just short of calling his team a dope team but if we collect the threads you started and the posts you made on this subject the insinuation is quite clear. At least show some balls and own up to what you really think and really want to say.
Apr 20, 2012
JV1973 said:
*Serious anger management material*
So, what you - the clean cycling god -actually want to say is 'have faith in me', 'believe in miracles'?
sniper said:
Tbh, I'm slightly baffled by the number of posters coming in here with a need to tell us what we should and should not, can and cannot, discuss.
Why wouldn't we be able to ask questions on San Millan? He was right there at ONCE when Puerto happened. He was right there when Beloki was able to follow our great Texan hero. He was right there [in the peloton of course, not the team] when Manzano nearly died because of some bad blood.

Maybe he did good work behind the scenes but when I read him defending the bio pass I do not understand why he would be a pro - clean - cycling advocate.
The same passport that couldn't get a certain Texan hero? Or was it just not conclusive enough to get a positive from the Texan hero?
doc Maserati said:
You accuse his team of doping, him of lying and employing staff (from Spain!!!) to dope riders.....
Please, endulge us with proof of this accusation. Uncalled for.

On the other hand, please don't and come on topic, for a change.
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