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How much gear does a Tour team have?



It is always a little mind blowing to see all of that stuff in one place like that.

No matter what else is going on it is a massive logistical exercise.

Now, if someone would only turn me loose in the Service Course of one of the teams that runs Campag .........................:)
Aug 4, 2009
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Hugh Januss said:
Now by "gear" you mean bikes and stuff, right? Because otherwise this should be in a different section of the forum.:cool:

I was going to say just ask Willy Voit how much gear he had when he was cought by customs.

But Bikes without motors I beleive each rider has 3 road bikes and one TT bike also several spares around the place . Mechanics need steroids to keep going on the tour as well you know. They are continualy building bikes and fixing broken ones the workload it tough and the workshop is big.

I can only speak of small tours of 10 days or so its always nice the be heading home after.

And note riders are never happy especialy Feemale riders always something wrong with the bikes it just another excuse for none performance.

They sware at you while doing a wheel change fast or not sometimes I think do it your self. bite your toung boy.

It a hard life nobody told me there would be days like this.