Hugh Carthy discussion thread

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I remember he has always been one of the few riders who had BMI even lower than mine so probably yes. He's also very tall and this often makes your limbs look even thinner than they really are (because they're longer so have different proportions).
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(Usually the BMI of the riders isn't so low, it's their fat percentage?)
They're both low, especially for climbers.

Their fat percentage is really low but they don't have that much muscle mass either. Upper body muscles don't allow you to ride a bike faster and they only make you slower uphill and even when it comes to legs there's only so many muscles you can get to be good at an endurance sport because when muscles grow too big, they obstruct blood flow and make you tire yourself faster. Rock climbers don't get very bulky either for that reason even if strength is very important to them.

Low fat percentage and low to average muscle mass will result in a low BMI.
Well, I don't know if those weights at PCS are anything close to truth, but looking at those I always thought their BMI was surprisingly high, I often wondered where they have all that muscle mass. (And by high I mean in comparison to what I would guess, of course.)
Jul 23, 2019
I really enjoyed watching Carthy ride in the Giro 2021
I don't think his final position reflected how much the EF-Nippo team and his attacking attitude gave to the race.

I think he sometimes attacks when he doesn't quite have enough in the legs to follow through.. But.. that attitude! it makes good racing.
I don't think his final position reflected how much the EF-Nippo team and his attacking attitude gave to the race.
For some reason he was empty by the 3rd week. Had he kept his level from the first 2 weeks, he would've finished ahead of Vlasov IMO.

It just reminded me that he admitted himself that he struggled with recovery early in his career? He seemed fine in Giro 2019 and Vuelta 2020 but maybe he does indeed struggle with recovery in some way and won't be able to do as well in every GT.
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Hard to judge the Giro for Hugh.

In some ways I feel a bit disappointed because with a few key competitors falling out and lots of terrain he loves I thought he might be a good shout at a second podium, but he never quite seemed to find the same top level he had at the Vuelta and clearly couldn't hold his form for 3 weeks here - Did make me wonder a bit if the shortened Vuelta and its tame final week last year was a bit of a blessing too

That said it's another top 10 and still progression within the Giro as a race so hardly a failure or anything like that and you'd think he'll have some more strong outings before this season is done
S.Yates has no one day pedigree while TGH is not good enough - The team will be built around A.Yates and Thomas.
TGH is a much better option than Carthy, similar level climbing and TGH has the extra punch for one day races that Carthy does not have at all. Also you cannot possibly suggest Carthy should be selected ahead of Simon Yates.