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I still don't Understand The Bio Passport

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Jun 3, 2009
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Alpe d'Huez said:
Total blood volume and long term wattage testing is the real key to true "biological passport".

So how do you do those tests? Are they very time consuming/invasive/expensive?

I love to hear what solution there could be. I agree about the culture etc being the main problem but the only way that will change is if there is a much higher probability of being caught.
Mar 18, 2009
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Kerbdog said:
Sorry now folks but a lot here seem to ready & foaming at the mouth to jump on the UCI's backs on this. Am I correct in stating that the purpose of the Blood passport was to catch these supposed cheats & rid the sport of them & deter doping etc?? Also are the UCI not entitled to under this program gather & prepare the information so that what they present is correct & by the regulations therin? It stated that this is about abnormal values so its plausible that they have as much information as possible for reference.
I think people are looking too much into the timing of the Bernard Kohl interview. Hes coming out & saying things & how they were done in a bid to assist clean things up & help for the future. He will also be around doing & saying these things for a while so will the UCI be continually marking his comments from now on & counteracting them?
I believe the sports big event the Tour de France is almost upon us & by doing this now & naming names a month before the race it helps get rid of cheats that would otherwise be in the race & possible be caught then with even more bad exposure. It will also allow teams to replace any riders who will not be allowed compete & have them in shape for it.
With all of whats gone on in mind would someone here please tell me when it would suit you all to be informed of a positive test or bad news regarding blood levels?? Anyone, seriously just let the UCI know when you all have an available window so we can be called aside.
Oh yeah as regards all this pity for Kolom, sorry but didnt he fail a Dope test recently? Is it a pity about timing or how he has to take the fall? Fall for what? He has apparently cheated, got caught & will now be sanctioned. Justice will be served upon him. End of, end of.

Do you know how long the UCI has been sitting on the biological passport? How many times it has delayed releasing the results? So why release them 2 weeks before the TdF starts when they should have been released 6 months ago? With all of the corruptness that the UCI represents, I am sure many of us are cynical about the timing of Kohl's confession on how useless the biological passport system actually is (or, how useful it is to the riders to tailor their doping) with the UCI's statement that it will release the long overdue results of the biological passport program.

Why make the teams responsible for the punishments handed out to supposedly positive riders? Isn't that the UCI's and national federation's responsibility?

The UCI are one of the major fundamental problems in professional cycling today. They are corrupt, power-hungry, embrace conflict of interests, and have done little to combat doping in cycling.