"I'm fine, just give me a bike": The Mattias Skjelmose is the Next Great Amagercan Hope Thread

He finally won his first pro victories in Luxembourg this week, and he seems to be steadily improving in a young Jakob Fuglsang-esque way. He might not have had that one performance that makes you think he's the real deal yet, but not that long ago his palmares would have been pretty impressive for someone who's a week away from turning 22.

The fact that he's shown consistency and fine time trials skills should also be valuable forh im in GTs and week-long stage races in the future. He's also proclaimed that he enjoys the tough days with crosswinds and bad weather, and we all saw his resilience when he crashed in the Volta a Catalunya earlier this year.

*He famously had a clinic issue as a junior rider in 2018 (but he's not the first or last junior to have had that)
*Conor McGregor and Peter Kennaugh have apparently been among his sporting heroes growing up
*He has a girlfriend, who can sing much better than I can

Also got suspended for hitting another rider in 2018

probably not the first or last rider to have done that too, right?
There was a big interview with him on a very thorough Danish podcast a couple of years ago where he told his whole story, and he definitely didn't sugarcoat the fact that he had been an entitled brat when he was younger, and even though I still have reservations about him, I don't think he is as bad anymore.