Impey cleared of doping - free to race

Shortly before the pharmacist served Impey, he had dispensed Probenecid to another customer. His hands had contaminated Impey’s capsules. At the hearing, till slips showing time and purchase from the pharmacy convinced the hearing Impey had not ingested the substance on purpose.

So, when Mr. Impey handled the capsules some more, filling the capsules with baking soda, he managed to keep all the probenecid on the capsule. If it's true, wow. if it's not, it's brilliant.

Here's a fun story:
Sep 18, 2013
What an absolute bull**** story, it is up their with Simoni's cocaine sweeties, maybe even better. It also sets a precedent as a means to an excuse for any doping positive. Just make sure you went to a pharmacy to buy something else the day before and have the pharmacist concoct a story that he was handling your desired doping product earlier that day.

As others have said, surely this is heading for CAS.
Aug 31, 2012
What a story. Would have been even better if a dog eating something could be worked in. Perhaps the pharmacist has a hand washing diary but a dog ate it so he didn't know his hands were filthy.
Aug 15, 2014
SundayRider said:
Dan Martin tweeted that this was - 'great news to wake up to'.
And this is (still) the problem with this sport. No-one seems willing to stand up and call bulls*** when it's as obvious as this.
Aug 3, 2009
SundayRider said:
Dan Martin tweeted that this was - 'great news to wake up to'.
I like the possible double take on this one. There are no limits to human imagination me seems
Let's be fair, you can't expect everyone to understand that this is rubbish, even cyclists. Dan Martin is reacting to someone being cleared and most would assume that the excuse had been properly questioned and is water tight. He should know better and probably shouldn't have said anything at all, but let's not accuse him of something he may not be doing.

I hope the pharmacist has reported this to all the relevant authorities. The possibility of cross-contamination is a serious risk, whether it was his fault or not...! :rolleyes: Although, I'm pretty sure we all know that he won't have...
Jul 10, 2013
So does this work for every case and every substance as long as the pharmacist is willing to collude?
Dec 11, 2013
So this version of events is impossible?
Cross contamination can't happen?

Assuming the receipts/audit trail from the pharmacists record corroborates the story is that not reasonable doubt?
The customer who bought the Probenecid was indeed Daryl Impey!

(Impey twists his dealer's arm to stand up for him at the hearing and get him off. Pharmacist does not want to lose his licence if Impey rats on him.)
Why would the pharmacist get his hands on the substance in the first place? I don't think I can buy anything in a pharmacy that is not packed in capsules and boxes. For obvious reasons. I guess in South Africa pharmacies are maybe like frontier grocery stores where they keep stuff in barrels and sacks.
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