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Is this a paywall website now?

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In case you didn't see my edit:
Reading a bit further in the document, I really can't see how it compares. What's your point? To play WoW you had to agree to the ToU that forbade bots explicitly. Here's some of CN's cookie policy:

How does Future use cookies?
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We use these cookies to enable certain online functionality including:
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  • commenting on our sites;
  • operating a shopping trolley on a variety of our Services including www.magazinesdirect.com;
  • maintaining your settings and authenticating your identity while you are logged in to the Services;
  • to support security measures and to assist in identifying possible fraudulent or abusive activities.
If you object to the use of essential and functional cookies please see here: How can users manage or opt out of cookies?
How can users manage or opt-out of cookies?
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We may delete or block cookies, but then we might lose some features and functionality in turn, that's it. It's explicitly allowed and in no way forbidden to use software that block cookies. So the complete opposite of the case you linked.
You're also applying it to people like me and others here who flush their cookies. Or certainly you make it seem you are.
Maybe we should go back to the start of this conversation. I said I hit the pay wall, people said I could avoid it, I said I wouldn’t. Anything since then I’ve said about people who are purposefully doing something to avoid it. You have said you’ve been hit with it, so clearly you’re consuming enough of their content to trip whatever limit they’ve set. It’s up to you what you do and I really don’t care either way, I’ve just given my opinion on people who are purposefully avoiding it.
No, I was talking specifically about people who have faced it or are doing something that means they won't. Sorry for any confusion.

You're really a fan of rules, aren't you?

I faced it back in October but the last couple of months, I haven't seen the wall. Should I give myself a moral lecture for not having limited myself to five articles a month when I know they have an intention of that being the cap?

Am I allowed to read five on my PC and five on my phone or is that circumventing the rule too?
Its a crap system because I haven't read anything for quite a while so that I could save articles, but today I couldn't watch the race so I tried to read the recap and got the "sorry you've read 5" message. BS!

Same for me. I haven't read any full article on the website in months because it always shows me the paywall. I haven't observed once that the counter is set back and that I can read five articles for free again.
Well its May 1 and I copped the paywall again. So much for the 5 free articles per month when accessing from my normal device (false advertising?). When I access via my phone I don't see the paywall so it must detect via the IP address not user name. But it is still very annoying.