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I must admit, I enjoy them a great deal. It's interesting to get a daily inside view, from an athlete competing at the highest level.
Fuglsang writes in the newspaper B.T. that he is disappointed about the Giro, despite a few successes during the race:

- I actually think this was the last time I went for a good result in the general classification in one of the big stage races. I think I'll get more out of going for stage wins.

- At this Giro for example I might have had a chance of winning two or three stages in the right breakaway. That would have been worth more than a sixth place in the classification.
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At least he learned the right lesson. With the lack of spillover from his improvements in classics and one-week races (although that still was 'just' on par with Buchmann) to GTs, in hindsight he should have ridden the Vuelta instead and focused on the Ardennes classics after the WC. Maybe he would have been even better in the latter then. It would also have allowed him to race RvV. Alternatively he could have ridden the Tour as prep and as a helper, but obviously he should still have ridden Lombardia, and with his win there it has still been a good season all in all.
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