João Almeida - Bota Lume

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UAE and Morgado has been circulating for about three years, when he was some unknown who killed everyone in Besaya in the U17s. Further endeavoured by the fact that Morgado is represented by CORSO, João Correira in particular. Any rider from Portugal represented by Correira somehow ends up with Axeon and then UAE.

That true! UAE also just hired Kevin Poulton that has been trainer for them all plus Morgado.
Maybe Morgado have been signed by UAE long time ago but just been loan out to Axeon just like Jan Christen.
I'm excited but I know he's gonna get dropped on the way to Lago Laceno and the climb is not long enough for him to come back.
He came back on shorter climbs than this and climbs not much longer. On Lagunas de Neila he won after coming back. On Malhao, which is much shorter, he became 2nd after coming back. There was that climb in Catalunya where he got a mechanical and then did the fastest climb to finish with the other mortals. Can't remember the name but that was also a shorter climb iirc.

I'm quite convinced when he gets dropped, it's usually just due to him managing his efforts, not because he couldn't go any faster. If that were the case, he wouldn't be coming back either. So, it's planned and managed, which means he is in control of his efforts and decides how long he waits and when/how hard he starts his final push. That means it doesn't matter much if the climb is long or short. When he genuinely gets dropped, like in the 2021 Giro, he wouldn't be coming back if the climb was longer either imho. It just looks that way with him, but it makes little sense. He's just careful not to go in the red too soon (like many rivals do) and waits for the right moment to start his push when he knows he can sustain that effort to the line. Others go in the red too soon and then blow up and lose a lot of time after that, because their efficiency takes a nosedive after blowing up. He just makes sure the point he blows up is as close to the line as possible.
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Tougher I think to be excited if you saw the look on his face when he got bumped out of the hot seat. He looked well tired of Remco beating him, he seems to know he‘s on some of his best form ever and he still got 30secs put into him. Feel for the guy.
He will never be able to beat Remco on a itt so nothing to be sad about. Different story could happen on those high altitude mountain stages, doubt it but it’s more likely there than on a itt or on a medium mountain stage. If he finish top3 will be his better result ever with the field that this giro has.
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