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João Almeida - Bota Lume

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Perhaps he would have always problems in very steep climbs. Roglic's bluff and Kuss's sudden acceleration was a surprise for many. He is still in contention but tomorrow he must be watchfull.
More like problems on short steep climbs me thinks. Sega di Ala was partly insanely steep yet he was riding on the inside of the curves while passing people.
He surely looked pale and more exhausted than Roglic and Thomas at the finish interview!
Praying that he is not incubating anything and that he recovers for tomorrow! If he does, tomorrow's stage climbing profile (besides the last 3k of Tre Cime di Lavaredo) are more his cup of tea so IMO he should make a move on Passo Tre Croci.
If the gap between the Top3 stays the same for Monte Lussari anything can happen.
After so much attrition that last stage will be more about recovering than anything else so it wouldn't surprised me to see +1 minute gaps between them. And I can´t point a favourite for that final Mountain time trial.
Wouldn't be the first time he dropped out of a Giro this late with covid.
Why would it be Covid? Below are the current stats for Italy, does not look alarming? If he is ill he could just as easily have any type of virus? But it does raise questions on his recovery. My optimism didn’t last long 🙄.

I still hope he can bounce back and take the fight to Thomas and Roglic.

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Stinks he lost more time but tomorrow could still be interesting if he’s been talking to Pogacar.
As I said, with those gaps anything’s possible! With all the attrition from the previous stages, the fact that they have very similar climbing potential (maybe here JA has a small edge over the others because it will be a tempo climbing managing energy along the way without domestiques) anything can happen. Geraint Thomas is the main favourite but even Almeida still has a chance.
Funniest image of the giro. He must've done that face at least partly on purpose! :joycat:

Congratulations to João for the podium!
He should be proud, very proud.
He has stepped up in UAE rankings as a full GT leader only behind Pogacar.
And since the great Joaquim Agostinho he is the first Portuguese to podium a GT.
This can and will have many effects on turning cycling more popular in Portugal.

Obrigado João.
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