João Almeida - Bota Lume

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Maybe you guys remember my friend, with whom I like to watch cycling on some Sunday evenings, if possible… We discuss controversially, of course.

Last year, he complained about Roubaix and Amstel, called winners van Baarle and Kwiatkowski „very weak riders“…

After yesterday, he told me, „Now imagine, everyone talked about a Giro duel between strong Remco and Roglic, and now it‘s possible that a very weak rider like Almeida wins the whole race!“…

This is a great day for Joao. No more podium talks. He's in for the win.
It always seemed like he'd either get himself in a hole early, or find his form too late, or something like that, and now here he is finally, on form, in position to win, and with a strong support team still in play. Three hard days coming up where toughness and knowledge of how to pace oneself are going to be at a premium, two qualities he seems to have in abundance. GT/Ineos and Rog/JV are still formidable obstacles but the hungry wolf has his knife and fork ready; I really think he can do it. Get safely through today, then it's showtime. Going to be fun to watch.
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