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Jonas Vingegaard Rasmussen, the new alpha mutant

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Much of the cycling talent in the USA comes out of Durango, population 20,000. Turns out when the "cool" sport in HS is mountain biking rather than football or baseball, you can actually find a lot of diamonds. (Although in the case of Durango I think there's also a fair bit of eugenics going on, as outdoors enthusiasts move there and mate.)
I think the latter. Someone should do a study.
It’s been a while since we’ve had a video clip of clear use of a motor. Who was it that had the motor fetish? That was entertaining but it appears we have nobody to hammer the truth about motors into us now. Vingo’s attack a few days ago looked suspect. It wasn’t exactly Froome freewheeling up the Angliru but it didn’t look quite right.
Expose mechanical doping.
We make a difference and have a beautiful impact on many lives.
From memory Sniper was pretty active in the Motor Doping Thread
Vingo is clean, get over it.

- Scandinavians have very high moral standards, which basically prevents him from cheating

- He is in the most scientifically advanced team where every aspect of his preparation from nutrition to training and love life to sleep is closely monitored by experts

- A team of data scientists, tacticians and aerodynamicians guide him and the team through the stages, which of course have been recced in advance

- Other Jumbots have been prepared as meticulously as Jonas

- Washes his hands compulsively after COVID-19

- Has a custom made pillow with a picture of his favorite puppy on it

- Got rid of codzilla, a rare aquatic disease that held him back in his youth

Oh, sorry, it wasn't 2013. My bad.
Froomegaard. I don't know how there's no Sky-level outrage at him and Jumbo as it was with Froome

It happens over time.

A few more mutant performances & TdF wins without much opposition & you'll see some people saying stuff.

Froome in 2012 & 2013 was also seen as "exciting", as crazy as it sounds in hindsight. For me it's Vingegaard's performance on the flatter section towards the finish which was pretty wild, i.e. unless he got some moto drafting going on, he's got some massive hidden engine working those skeletal legs of his.
Insane show of strength, not sure how a skin and bones rider pushes out so much power on the flat either. He's in a race of his own.
Yes, the flat part was almost more impressive. But I mean its not that he didn't show this in the ITT last year either. If in peak form (which he seems to time much more Armstrong-esque around the Tour), he certainly is a machine.