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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard: The Wizard of Visma

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  • The Chicken who eats Riis for breakfast

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  • The Fishman Cometh

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  • The Mysterious Vingegaard Society

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  • The Jonas Vingegaard Discussion Thread

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  • Vingegaard vs Roglič

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So you didn't see it?
I saw the gaps to Remco and Roglic(considering the issues those two had).
The tv coverage started later, impossible to see him race.

Nothing to worry about due the circumstances.

When he is in peak shape he can do better time trials even in the first days of competition like in copenhague, when he faced worst conditions at the start of the TT.

Certainly Visma will also improve the TT setup in the next months. He will be fine when it matters most.
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Maybe it's just me but I swear that helmet actually impeded Vingegaard in some of the clips I watched (specifically in one tight corner where he did a course correction).

It just looks... awkward on a technical route.
Well, so far there is no evidence that the Giro Dorkus Maximus has resulted in improved JoJo TT'ing. I often don't like many of the UCI tech rules, but man I hope they bad that MF helmet soon
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It's over for Skeletor. He can beat farmers but once top rivals appear he's crushed. He should retire before the Tour: ending on the top is better than falling!

This is the real problem. What the hell is niermann doing in Germany instead of being in basque country to activate the password to Vingegaard?!
So if Jonas secures 202,5 UCI points on this race then he takes UCI No.1 spot from Pogi later in April.