Joseph Dombrowski

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so staying with them was not exactly easy.
And that signifies my point.
Winning GT stages on regular basis is not easy and having shortcoming as a potential GC rider doesn't make a rider automaticaly suitable for being a successful stage hunter.

It doesn't get any easier for Dombrowski because if he is not dropping guys like Ciccone and Masnada on Mortirolo, he won't do it on a lesser climb and when guys like Landa or Nibali drop out of GC and start stage-hunting, they're even harder to beat on stages like that than Ciccone and Masnada so Joe won't get an opportunity better than that more than 3-4 times during his career.
He's a former mountainbiker, so his descending should be decent enough compared to a climber like Moncoutie who actually was a great stage hunter from breakaways, despite his technique limits and weaknesses on the flats!

If you're fully correct and Dombrowski can't develop into a mountain stage hunter, he seriously should consider to quit and get an office job as long as he doesn't want to be a super-domestique either.

Because what has he really to offer, then?