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Junior racing - The stars of the future

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What happened in stage 3? Huge time gap, no Belgians in the front group, meaning that they tried to reel them in for Widar but failed?
You can find highlights here:

View: https://youtu.be/syAGuZesr1c?feature=shared

The break went early but then Nordhagen and Widar attacked from the peloton. They were 24" behind the break at the top of the final climb, Nordhagen dropped Widar in the descent and bridged, while Widar on his own was caught by the peloton.

Found in Ruebliland.
I hope they are healthy and happy in whatever they are doing now: they are still only about 28.

Well, Eg retired at the end of last year because of heart problems, so I'd guess he's not 100% healthy.

Just for fun, I went and looked up the top-10 of the 2012 World Championships, and... well...

Pretty much reflects what seems to be the general thing when you look up old Junior results; a mix of established stars (in the present) and "Who's that?"
he was dropped by the team Uno-X before anything was resolved with the heart condition, don't remember any big team ever acting so coldly

Eg had lots of promise, in 2017 he was the only rider in Avenir able to attack Bernal, the year after he was real strong in some stage races and then went downhill ever since, maybe Trek burned him by sending him to the Giro as a neo
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Junior season starts today in Phoenix. Heavy favorite? Of course, it's Ashlin Barry. Though he's participated here before, and got the better of AJ August, it will be his official debut as a junior.

As far as I can tell David Thompson will not participate, which is a bummer as that would probably be the toughest competition locally. Still, Hot Tubes will bring a good squad.
Might as well rename this to the Ashlin Barry corner. He won yesterday, but bigger news might be that he did not win the opening time trial in Phoenix. No idea what happened there, but times were so fast even Aidan Sebel, who finished 13th by the way, tied the previous course record set by one Andrew August. Must have been some crazy winds.

More importantly, I managed to pick up some of his schedule. Not so surprising, the main events will be in Roubaix and the World Championships (both on the track and the road). More so, he will join US Cycling in some of the Nations Cup. No races disclosed, but it doesn't take a genius to think it'll be the Peace Race amongst others. Good news, as it's not always a given USA bothers to show up. The Albert Withen Philipsen showdown is calling..

Also, he was apparently born in Spain. Never knew that. The more you know..
KBK for juniors is today also. Not the biggest startlist, but quite a few interesting riders nonetheless. Including a first year Norwegian I've got my eyes on for a while now: Hakon Eiksund Oksnes.

Would think Acrog are the ones to beat though, stacked team.
There is a South-African fellow that has caught my attention. His name is Gustav Roller and he has been stacking very good results and wins in Belgium for a while now. This year he has made the jump to the juniors with Acrog and that hasn't stopped him. 4th, 1st and 2nd for the year now. Went toe to toe with Cedric Keppens in Sint-Maria-Lierde yesterday, that bodes well. Be interesting to see what he's capable of once the level goes up again in the international races.
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