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Junior racing - The stars of the future

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Not enough people realise what the f*ck is going on here. Ashlin is not meeting the hype, he is exceeding it. I thought he would need some time to get accustomed to European speed, nervousness and so on, but all he does is win, win, win.

Like I said in December, the planet will shatter once Albert Withen Philipsen and Ashlin Barry collide.
6 wins already this season. It’s a small mercy for the others that he is merely a competent TTer.

AWP vs Ashlin Barry in Paris Roubaix juniors will be seismic. Hope there is TV coverage.
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I'm expecting much of Finn now that he is in the AutoEder program. Then again, I'm expecting much from everyone in AutoEder, including first years Noah Moller and Thibaut Van Damme.

Alessio Magagnotti is another Italian I have my eyes on, apart from usual suspects like Bessega.
Magagnotti just got 2nd in his first ever UCI race against the mighty AutoEder duo of Clemmensen and Fietzke. That boy is good.

Meanwhile, Enrique Maranchon, Spain's best first year, is cleaning up Portugal. That boy good too.
Just Pedersen won stage 2a in Cottbuser.

Now, if our resident Junior Expert, @DNP-Old, could please explain what team he rides for.
FirstCycling has him with CeramicSpeed, which seems most logical to me.
Meanwhile, PCS has him with both CeramicSpeed and ACROG.
Both are correct. CeramicSpeed in Herning is his contract team, but riders are allowed to go international despite no contractual agreement if so desired to, in this case with Tormans. Last year Just Pedersen was riding internationally with Cannibal, Bahrains junior team.
* * * * * Albert Withen Philipsen
* * * * Felix Orn-Kristoff, Cedric Keppens
* * * Jasper Schoofs, Erazem Valjavec, Theodor Clemmensen
* * Ashlin Barry, Paul Fietzke, Senna Remijn, Aubin Sparfel
* Hector Alvarez, Hugo Boucher, Krystof Kral, Kasper Borremans, Jakob Omrzel

My stars prediction for today, copy and pasted from the Roubaix thread. Still want to cram half the peloton in there, but this is what made most sense to me based on resume and current form. Live stream (race starts at 11):
View: https://www.twitch.tv/seriouscharly