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Just me or is the dirt-road stuff coming back?

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so........how bout those dirt roads there jaylew? Oh I see your preoccupied, nevermind.:confused:

I'm confused too. I liked the pic, it was just on the same page for me, not the previous one. I was just pointing out that you can change your settings so you have more posts on a page. The default settings on this forum are set way too small - a decent sized thread has way too many pages to click through.
Mar 19, 2009
Alright then. I will change my settings. Thanks for the tip Jaylew.

I was checking out that Col de Tende on Google Earth just now, and I counted 56 or 57 switchbacks!!!!:eek:!!!!! I'm going to Milan this summer, so I just have to find a way down there just to ride it. WOW! Very close to Monaco too. Maybe I'll get picked up by a Cougar and never come home.:D
Wow, that's some climb! Double the switches as Alpe d'Huez! I say bring it!

There is something antiseptic about a lot of the racing today. I got tired of watching the Armstrong years, where riders would get dragged to the last five klicks and then almost sprint to the finish to grab forty seconds. For some reason it reminds me of why I could never get into watching basketball: In too many games the teams trade points the whole game and then the last five minutes is the only thing that is important, and that turns into a strategic foul fest.

Exactly agree. Watching the Postal train drag Lance over 3 passes and then launch him in the last 5km of the day got really boring.

I also want to see race radios eliminated. Having everything controlled by the DS back in the car has eliminated an element of risk and fun from the sport.

But basketball is exactly as you say, and why I can't watch anymore either.