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Hayabusa said:
glassmoon said:
did some of the posts just disappear? or got deleted? including the one just informing about his break from pro cycling?
I believe the moderators deleted them - quite right too.

All the best to Pete and his recovery.
gotta be that. but why also the one which just stated, that he's taking a break? weird.
EDIT: maybe the "announcement" post also contained something inappropriate so it got rightfully deleted...
Peter has decided to take a break from professional cycling. His statement on instagram Can be read here:

Mod hat on:

Hi all. Yes, some posts have been removed and a user suspended. I removed the post that led to the suspension and posts that quoted it. I haven't removed anything else. There wasn't an "announcement" post among them, I've just double-checked.

A general warning. We take a hard line when people belittle riders or celebrate when they suffer physical injury. We see this as being no different and will take the same action.

As a poster I hope Peter gets the same level of support that he would if this were a physical injury and we see him back racing bikes if and when he is ready to be. If not I hope he's back healthy and doing something he loves soon.
Had a few DNF's so far in 2019 and had his program changed - Health is an issue as it is for a few riders - Let's see how he performs ( from a limited preparation ) in the Ardennes in which he has a decent record.


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