Kimmage on Wiggins

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Jun 12, 2010
Someone correct me if I,m wrong but wasn't Kimmage forced out/ sacked from The Times ? ..and who owns The Times?..Murdock.

There,s plenty of incentive to protect Sky,s/ BC.s image thanks to the media empire Murdock owns . If the charade gets uncovered then its not beyond the imagination that TV/ print media coverage could be greatly reduced if Sky drop there support of both/ either BC / Sky.
Over here in the UK its bloody wall to wall Sky= Cycling and there's a lotta peeps lapping at the gravy train. I know quite a few personally from my career days and many would sell there grannies for the right price.
I,d assume Sky,s media interests extend a lot further than the UK? unless I,m wrong you can include the UCI and Tour organisers ( not just the TDF ) amongst those feeding at the trough.
Pro cycling might be a sport but first and foremost its a bill board.
Those who want a clean sport need to follow the money and be aware those vested interests are and always have been willing to bend to the will of the biggest paymasters.