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Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne 2024, February 25, one-day classic

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Only Campenaerts and Teuns pulling behind?

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Surely there is no way Van Aert f**ks this up from here? With Pithie gone, he should smoke the other two in a sprint, and the rest seems out of it already.
Depends, i hope he isn't riding with the same brakes as he was during the ECC RR, because you never know when those brakes decide to slam shut in the middle of a sprint!

In all seriousness though, he managed to nearly lose a 1v1 sprint against Alaphilippe in San Remo, he lost a sprint of 3 vs Pidcock in Brabantse Pijl, he beat Pidcock by an inch in Amstel. He lost a sprint vs Pogacar in Canada, and he even got beaten by fcking Gaudu once in Dauphiné, when he cheered too soon. Some of those were uphill sprints, but still, this isn't a done deal even though he is the overwhelming favorite.