La Flèche Wallonne: September 30th, 2020

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Who will win La Flèche Wallonne 2020?

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If there was a bike shaking contest, we would have a clear winner. Jeez, Cosnefroy is ugly on the bike. If he put some more energy in his legs, than on shaking his bike, maybe he'll be more efficient. I'm really surprised btw, after all his early droppings in the Tour.

Nice ride by Hirschi, always in second wheel, jumping from one wheel to another and a perfect timing to start the ultimate jump.
Dan Martin was also way too far back and finished well. To be fair when Porte was done there were only 11-12 guys still close to him.

The level of the ‘also-rans’ was lower this year due to the obviously loaded schedule.
Porte's only way to win is to attack at the bottom with some seconds up his sleeve. He just doesn't have the kick at the finish. Still a nice ride for him. See how he goes at Liege.
Woods the nearly man. Like to see him win one. Uran decided to try something different. For someone out of form, a good ride by Dan Martin.

It was a decent ride by Martin and he made ground up the climb, his problem once again though was really poor positioning, he was at least 30/35 back when the road got steeper. He may have made a podium had he been towards the front.