La Flèche Wallonne: September 30th, 2020

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Who will win La Flèche Wallonne 2020?

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They've never done it the week after winning the World Championships.

Well there is I concede some possibility that Julian Alaphilippe and Patrick Lefevere know more about winning classics than me. But to me, some guy on a forum, throwing away a very likely Flèche in order to gain an improved but still difficult chance at LBL seems a bad bet. We will see at the weekend, I suppose. If he wins LBL, he looks very smart.
Well it appears even if I want to watch Fleche Wallone it won't exactly be easy as NBC has decided to pull the Ardennes off of TV and only show them on their streaming service. It's getting easier and easier in the US to not watch any cycling. Go figure.

As for who is going to win, I'd have Higuita as a favorite if he was fully healthy but it doesn't appear he is.
You need to stand in front of the NBC head quarters and wave some angry signs about.
I'd have to go to either NYC or LA. NY requires a 2 week quarantine and California is on fire. The other thing is they don't care. They moved all the Indy Car practice to their pay service. Indy Car fans are angry and refuse to pay and they won't put it back on TV. There are a heck of a lot more Indy Car fans than there are cycling fans over here.