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LA fleche wallone thread

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Congrats to Williams, what an attack! Long range by Mur standards, wow. Very small group on the foot of the last climb indicating a race more difficult than usually, in cold conditions.

BTW the Mur is pure suffering. Starting in Z5 and finishing in Z6. Both aerobic and anaerobic systems engaged strongly. Heart pounding, suffucation, burning legs.
Yes! Two Uno-Xmen in the top 20!
Been a bit of a week for Israel PT, what with Mrs Froome going ballistic on the social media, Blackmore re-signing for the team and now Williams notching up Fleche - chapeau! 2 pro teams on the podium as well, bit of a odd race, but guys look really pooped at the finish. My outsider pick Skjuins was there at the finish but blew up and the guy I said to keep an eye on, Jeget came in 14th 20 seconds back. At least he got to the finish - chapeau!