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LA fleche wallone thread

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Or you didn't see today's race? It was 3 degrees today too and a strong wind instead of a weak one.

But no, I didn't watch that race, I'm just saying the weather was quite shitty today and based on what you've written, it wasn't worse back then.

Of course it cleared up a bit today so the final 30 kilometres weren't as brutal as the preceding 60.

Well, yes, that the whole point, the weather cleared up today towards the end while it did not in 1999 (arguably it got worse as race went on).
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All the big power teams on the podium ;)
Seems pretty extreme. But actually I've thought about this scenario since I first noticed him at close range in a youth class licenced race; immediate thoughts were that this guy must have extremely low fat percentage and that it must hit him hard on a day when the weather is not exactly a gift for him.
Also, seems not the optimal choice of clothing for these conditions tbh. Full gloves, longer / different trousers and an additional thermo vest maybe could have saved him from this. Hope he recovers fast.