LA returning to "traditional preparation"

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auscyclefan94 said:
Who was it in response to? Dekker Tifosi? because of your fighting on the 2008 tdf tremble thread?

No, MerryGoRound. He insulted my honor and virginity.
Jun 26, 2009
fpcyclingn said:
Can you stop talking? You are a nobody. LA takes a podium last year after some **** training but you treat him like he's washed up?

Maybe he really, really enjoys cycling.. and has all his life. Unlike douche bags like you who got into the sport for the flash and glam.

But have fun joining the rest of the internet rejects here, having your daily water-cooler conversation with each other about the perceived drama.

Maybe I'll drop in next month to tell you all how *** you all are again, just in case you forgot.

Ready to drop me that note yet?