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Vuelta a España La Vuelta Femenina 2024 (April 28th-May 5th)

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Fall of cyclist Maud Oudeman, jersey 65, km 26. Contusion and wound in right knee, cleaning and curation. ‐

Fall of cyclist Elena Hartman, jersey 115, km 70. Contusion in the frontal region, without loss of conscience and without wounds. Medical evaluation without indication for further inspection in hospital. Rider abandons the race. Re‐evaluated at the finish line, neurological exam normal, without requirement of further medical investigation"

- nothing about Realini? so she must be kinda OK despite how it initially looked

Just short update from team's website:

"Gaia Realini was checked by the team doctor on the finish line, and although the first assessment was positive, Gaia will be monitored overnight to make sure she is fit to race the next stage."
Secret recording of the evaluation by the team doctor:
“Are you feeling okay?”
“Yup, I’m okay”
“Great, you’re good to go.”
There are a number of things that raise my hackles about that, not least why wasn't she at the very least checked properly (ignoring it should have been done before she got back on her bike) at the finish line by the race medics along with the other riders in that medical bulletin.

she'd clearly had a big crash, was bleeding, in pain and looked like she was a bit punch drunk, trying to follow Brodies wheel, ie concussion.

But the biggest one is how did it take best part of 16hrs to think yeah maybe we should get her checked out at the hospital.!!!
Lmao Vollering instantly leaves

Yeah that was kind of funny. But what a ride by Muzic, Vollering might not have it all her way, although you would think GC wise noone can touch her.


That smile


View: https://twitter.com/LaVueltaFem/status/1786425116139602285

This has been overdue against this kind of field. I didn't expect her to do it against Demi in this last couple days' mood, though. Yes, she did all the pacing but she's the one extracting maximum time from this and while Muzic has it all to gain from getting more time, realistically the MTF stage win is more important than going from 6th to 5th on the GC.

Maybe Demi's getting the preparation in for potentially domestiquing for Muzic in the mountains next year if the rumour mills are on point :laughing: