Lazer aero cover

Sep 22, 2009

Just a thought: Are these against UCI regulations? this is clearly an aerodynamic fairing (hence the name aero) although they can also be used for keeping water out. If uci are going to pick a fight on this, Lazer would defend by saying it only covers your head from the mud, so it's not only a fairing. But we also saw the Specialised debacle, where the head tube also served some structural purpose but it was still deemed unnecessary and therefore illegal.

Protective screens, aerodynamic shapes, fairings or any other device that is added or forms part of the structure,
and that is destined or has the effect of reducing wind resistance, are prohibited.

rule's pretty clear, right?
The cover just follows the helmet, which is a sensible solution to closing off the helmet from the wind. I think that the rules prohibit adding elements with no functional justification.

If there is anything to ban, it is the helmet itself, the shape of which is purely aerodynamic. But the UCI has allowed (minor) aerodynamic details in helmets for ages, so that won't happen.
Aug 4, 2009
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