Le Tour '19 stage 19: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne > Tignes 126km

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RedheadDane said:
Where exactly on the route is the bad weather?
Buttom of the descend?
The climb?
Why not have the times count from the moment they reach the bad weather?
The amount of places where they have timing systems is limited. Mountain sprints, intermediate sprints, 3 km signal and finish.
Is this clown Prudhomme finally gonna get fired for being a disgrace to cycling now? How many more farces need to happen before he finally has to take his hat?

Certainly he could've found out the road is unpassable 15 minutes earlier and communicate it in time!

Scarponi said:
Has it ever snowed in the Tour de France before?
I experienced snow on Galibier in august myself some 20 years ago, the day before we did Iseran (fully baggaged 2300 km bikepacking through the Alps). And btw, there is that famous Riis stage (shorted because of snow).