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LeMond's letter to McQuaid

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Ferminal said:
This is not the place to discuss LeMond's personal history. If you want you can do that in the thread discussing Andrew McQuaid's accusations.

Alpe d'Huez said:
Just a reminder that this thread isn't about whether Greg doped, or who was doped during his time, or Greg's talent vs. Lance. Those are all discussed ad infinitum in other threads.

A reminder that non-compliance will result in a suspension.
roadfreak44 said:
Hinault was clearly doping as he won or placed second in every grand tour he was in except for one where he withdrew because of knee problems while wearing yellow. The numbers dont lie. .

Would you please post those said "numbers that don't lie" about Hinault, and where he was "clearly doping"?

Oh, and BTW, Are you ever going to post your "proof/evidence" to back up any of your BS about Greg supposedly doping, you keep yammering on about? or, that YOU yourself were some sort of pro rider, as you claimed?
Jul 25, 2009
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We need a UCI apologist bingo card.

Doping is all the fault of the riders...
WADA were responsible for testing...
LeMond doped too...
WADA are incompetent...

Greg's letter obviously has them worried, if they're bothering to come here and spout such ****. Allez LeMond!
Mar 13, 2009
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Broken Spoke said:
I'm guessing (hoping) that's a joke, but for the benefit of anyone unfamiliar with Savulescu, he is the last person I want anywhere near the sport of cycling. He believes it should be a no-holds-barred doping free-for-all. Possibly the only person I'm aware of who could actually make it worse than it already is.
thats not what Savulesu proposes

he proposes a supervised doping for performance enhancement.

potentially this makes the pros much safer
potentially this makes the espoirs, elite amateurs, amateurs, juniors, less safer, dangerously so, the slippery slope as it filters down. Because those sectors have less resources to afford supervised doping by medical professionals