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Lesser Known Race Results 2017

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Aug 22, 2017
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Meanwhile in the Tour de Vendée, Nacer Bouhanni is attacking the peloton, alone.


hazaran said:
Whats up with this Tour of Almaty? Can't even find stage profiles but given the time gaps it sure looks like some aggressive racing
Second stage finished at the Medeu ice skating rink, so is a legit climb to the finish, that's partway up to the Shymbulak ski resort. About 1/3 distance if I remember, so 7-8km at 6% or so. Don't know about stage 1.
I saw part of the race - pretty impressive by De Buyst actually, because he also did some intermediate sprints to gain points for that overall classification of the races in this tour. The race was fast, and those in the escape had been ahead of a chasing peloton for 100+ km. Trentin looked very strong, but that attack at 1 km to go probably took away his speed at the end. A bit Sagan-esque.
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Libertine Seguros said:
afpm90 said:
Yesterday Rudy Barbier won the Paris-Tour, but Nacer Bouhanni didn't like it and reacted in a bad way.

Paris-Bourges rather than Paris-Tours.

Nearly gave me a coronary, as I thought for a second Paris-Tours had been relegated to a weekday semi-classic. I mean, I know its value has eroded since its heyday, but that was worrisome.

LS, you would know this: what are all the "Paris-" races? I have Nice, Roubaix, Camembert, Troyes, Arras, Corrèze, Brussels, Bourges, and Tours.
Paris-Chauny too.
Corrèze no longer exists and was short lived as well.

Also, Paris-Tours only became that relatively recently. It had many other names and starts/finishes before. Not to mention that races like Paris-Tours and Paris-Roubaix don't start in Paris at all.

GenericBoonenFan said:
Mohoric just won the Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Challenge (what a mouthful).

Was at the race - Race distance at 113km with 20 laps of a reasonably testing 5.65km circuit - 2 WT teams in Orica and UAE, one PCT in Delko Marseille and the rest CT teams or national teams - Riders were in various stages of preparation with most of the WT teams winding down, with Orica's six man team all riding their last race of the season and some of the CT just getting into their program in the back-end of the season - Riders like the race because they stay at the Inter-Continental hotel which is next to the start line - Race split up after 5 laps with 19 riders splitting from the peleton and it was obvious from lap 8, this group would fight out the finish - Surprisingly it was a race of attrition with only 9 riders at the head by lap 14, while at lap 17 there were only 3 riders at the head being Mohoric, Hucker and Docker - By lap 18 it was only Mohoric and Hucker and at that stage there could only be one winner.