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Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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I'm happy for Simon Clarke to finally win something. He deserved it for his great 2019.

Im kinda torn. On one hand I am actually happy for Clarke, but on the other hand I know that I will hear about it from Kirby for the next few years. Every race he commentates that Clarke will race, this story will come up. Every, single, freaking time. That or how he is a favorite for San Remo. o_O
Alan Banaszek wins Grand Prix Managvat - Side in Turkey.

The guy is still only 22 and he was already mixing up with Hodeg, Jakobsen and Halvorsen in 2017 Tour de l'Avenir sprints and had a top10 finish in a Tour de Pologne stage that year, probably considered Polish biggest u-23 male road cycling talent at the time. This year he riders for a Polish conti team after an absolutely horrendous season with Caja Rural last year. I wonder what went wrong with him at the Spanish team.
Huge talent, yes.
He's also the biggest DNF collector in the pro peloton. Makes you wonder if there's a work ethic issue.

At least he tried in Roubaix. Sad :(

At the other end of the spectrum we have Greg. He hasn't DNF'ed anything since Lombardia 2016. And somehow he has managed to ride and finish all World Championships since he turned professional.

Aurélien Paret-Peintre from AG2R is also impressive in that regard. Apart from the French Nationals last year he has not had one DNF in a professional race.
On my Eurosport player this year it's an hour live broadcast per stage.

Yes, this year it was aired live on ES Asia (maybe other regions?). Previous years it was daily highlights only, including on ES International.

Edit to add: It's been aired live on TVBS in Taiwan for several years so ES obtaining expanded rights from highlights to live was likely not complicated.
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Bad news... Tour of Thailand has been postponed until August 1 to 6.
The races in Chiloe are still going on, I think, but I don't think they have live coverage. Last year was 25 min summary of Vuelta a Chiloe. Gran Premio Patagonia was held on Sunday.

Edit: Nope. Vuelta a Chiloe now cancelled, too.
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