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Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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Well, it's an NE race only but we've got live racing again. Stage 1 of Cup Truyen Hinh TP HCV is archived on the the HTV (Ho Chi Minh City TV) YouTube page. Full stage live (52 km city circuit) and 30 min highlights. First of 18 stages, I think only the circuit stages (Stages 4, 7, 11 and 16) will have full live TV coverage.

HTV YouTube

List of Stages: Stage 5 is a medium mountain stage. Stages 9, 12 and 15 go to highland areas so might be hilly. I think Stage 13 is a Team Time Trial.
First outdoor competition after lock down was held yesterday in Norway. A KOM ITT on the short Kleivstua climb. The venue was kept a secret to avoid spectators. 10 of the best Norwegian pro riders were allowed to participate. The young guns took the podium.

  1. Andreas Leknessund 10,12
  2. Tobias Foss +21
  3. Ådne Holter +34
  4. Iver Knotten +37
  5. Carl Fredrik Hagen +39
  6. Edvald Boasson Hagen +43
  7. Rasmus Tiller +57
  8. Torstein Tæen +1,28
  9. Øyvind Lukkedal +1,34
  10. Trond Håkon Trondsen +1,34
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And what a shame for Biniam Ghirmay. He might have one this race without the crash. He could easily become a star (and Logic, did you know he once beat Remco? ;) ).
I feel like, in a couple of years, when Ghirmay and Remco both participate in the Tour, the commentators will come up with a new and curious fact about the relationship of these two highly talented bike racers. It will serve to replace the only to insiders known story of "did you know that Primoz Roglic used to be a ski jumper". It will be delivered along the lines of "Byen-I-am euh Görmai euh Halo on camera now. Believed euh by many to be a great prospect indeed and euh highly regarded euh by those who follow the sport euh closely; at least since euh did you know Sean, euh Brian, I beg you pardon, euh, haha, euh, since he beat a certain Remco Evenepoel during what many euh believe to be his break through season in the junior ranks, when euh, if my memory serves me correctly, euh, the young Ethiopian, was actually able to ,euh, beat Remco with what was a great turn of speed after a fierce battle. Certainly a great feat on the palmares of, euh, Halo, one of the reasons frankly why I, and many many others, believe that he may, euh, be within a chance to win the Tour de Fraaaaaaaaance this year."

Sorry, I didn't plan this, but when it happened I just kinda went with it...
Jan 5, 2020
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Not sure if it's worthy of its own thread, but the Czech Tour starts tomorrow with a TTT (!!).

Startlist here. 6 "World Tour" teams in attendance (Mitchelton, Jumbo-Visma, Sunweb, NTT, Bahrain and Bora). World Tour in quotes because seriously, look at that startlist.

Stages 2 & 3 look to be fairly straightforward sprint stages, while Stage 4 has some more lumps involved.

Not sure about any streams/broadcasters.
Startlist here. 6 "World Tour" teams in attendance (Mitchelton, Jumbo-Visma, Sunweb, NTT, Bahrain and Bora). World Tour in quotes because seriously, look at that startlist

Not sure why the start list would have any influence on the World Tour teams status as World Tour teams.

Silly thought: Guess it's a good thing Uno-X aren't sending Hulgaard as well. Two Hoelgaards and one Hulgaard on the same team would just be really confusing...