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Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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Ulissi just holds off the peloton from a late attack, to win stage 1 of Tour de Luxembourg.

(It's live on Eurosport Player/GCN btw.)

Different race, but I think there's a mistake with the startlist for Toscana on PCS! Movistar has a green check-thingy, but I can't imagine they're allowed to start with 8 riders.
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Stage 2 in the Tour of Slovakia was an ITT (7 km)
  1. Steimle
  2. Denz 6"
  3. Leknessund 7"
  4. Milan 7"
  5. Price-Pejtersen 7"
Impressive performance by some of the youngsters beating experienced pros like Lampaert, Haga and Barta.
Very bad time by Van Wilder. Did he crash?
Yes, he finished 12 minutes down in stage 1A and had to ride the ITT on a regular bike because he couldn't ride on a TT bike.