Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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Red Rick said:
Samamba said:
Doesnt look like Wellens is in great shape tho. He did wat he needed to to, he tried, but just isnt good enough right now.
Stupid move by Campenaerts.
Hot and dry weather Wellens

Still incredibly impressive tho
Meeeh has nothing to do with it. Wellens has been kinda mediocre all year. He just doesnt have the legs. I like that he tried tho. What he did was the only way he couldve possible won the GC.
The commentator really paints some pictures. I don't remember who it was he said was riding like a cheetah on the Serengeti.

But now he just said that Wellens' initial acceleration had more venom than a snake from Arizona xD
And meanwhile, over in Hungary, Neilands just casually has all the jerseys (there isn't a best young rider jersey).
Evenepoel has both jerseys available in Belgium (no KoM of BYR, but of course he'd have the BYR if there was one… )
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18-Valve. (pithy) said:
tobydawq said:
18-Valve. (pithy) said:
Samamba said:
LTS/Wellens made a huuuuge mistake yesterday. Wellens shouldve closed that last 10meters when Philipsen tried to bridge to Evenepoel and Campenaerts instead of playing the Campenaerts card.
I guess it was a "mistake" they made before the race ...apparently they wanted to keep Campenaerts happy and make him an (equal) GC leader along with Wellens.

Not sure it was a huge mistake, though. Wellens should be able to deal with Evenepoel and QS, IMO. Would be almost embarrassing if he didn't win today's stage by a minute or more in this field. Wellens obviously has the form
I guess you didn't watch the Hammer race where he and Van Avermaet were absolutely trashed by Evenepoel.
In the eighties they raced longer ITTs than that Hammer race Evenepoel dominated. Today's stage has decent length and has far harder climbs that suit an "explosive" rider such as Wellens far better . Apples / oranges.

You have to be ****ing kidding me if you think Evenepoel will own Wellens here. Not. Gonna. Happen.
It. Happened.