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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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The commentators are so bad. They just go quiet for minutes at a time and breathe into the microphone. Then they constantly remind us that the Ecuadorian champion is from Ecuador and tell us about his procyclingstats instead of actually knowing anything about him. Ilmaestro should be commentator
And by the end of the season, regular viewers would have relived Masnada's glorious second place at Lombardia dozens of times.
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How did Joalland finish 13th? I watched the final 20 kms and didn‘t see any U Nantes rider. Was he dropped on the descent?

Interesting yeah, missed him too (not sure if he was there or not at the bottom of last climb). Looks like his performance in the Isère Tour (only one close to LVE and Onley on the last stage) really ment something. French teams will definitely be looking at him.
Great to see Carapaz testing himself. Long attack. Obviously not in superform here, but it's a good sign for the Tour.

Gall once again proves he's one of the hottest out of contract riders right now

And Van Eetvelt once again proces he's the real deal. Just 2 days after he finish 5 days of racing. Pretty impressive.
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