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Lesser known races 2023 edition


Clásica de Villeta, a race in Cundinamarca, Colombia. He might be a bit too good for this level. Take a look at the distance (or lack thereof) too.

18 year old Jhonatan Guatibonza just won the 3rd stage in Tachira.
Just earlier today I read about Savio praising him a lot and saying that he'll turn pro with his team next season (they should go back up to PCT, if everything goes right).
He also said that he'll have a meeting with 2 big Colombian companies in Colombia after Tachira, to already work on getting the team back to PCT next year.

Source: https://www.tuttobiciweb.it/article/2023/01/17/1673908895/gianni-savio-jonatan-guatibonza-gw-shimano
Yonder Godoy won the queen stage in Táchira, but couldn't distance the leader José Alarcón who took two minutes on the gradual climb up to La Grita the previous day. Anderson Paredes and Juan Ruíz were part of the group that fought out that win. Alba, probably the only one of the five who could harbour some hopes of getting back up to a higher level (Godoy has been there with Androni and Southeast), tailed in a few seconds behind. Does leave scope for a shootout on the traditional Cerro Cristo Rey stage today.