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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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Jeez Lenny looks so small! I never thought he was that tiny(comparatively). Anyways a group including Lenny, Powless, and Brent Van Moer among others bridged to the break. 27km to go.
Lenny makes Gaudu look like a heavyweight. Lenny also makes Gaudu look the equivalent of Ganna on the flat, because the slightest breeze will send him backwards. The modern day Rujano, and I'm all for it.
Yeah I also don't know who would be riding in the peloton. AG2R is the only one probably. EF has Powless, Lotto gives Van Moer his shot (and probably doesn't have a lot of guys behind anymore), Arkea has one, Total also, FDJ 2...

Who's the fastest in the front group? I know Sutter can be fast, Ferron too, Berckmous isn't slow either. Powless can be after a hard race... Hard to predict.