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Lesser known races thread 2021

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So, has anyone here seen the trainwreck that is the way the Adriatica Ionica race is being organized?
The route was only presented last week (a sprint stage, a Monte Grappa MTF from Semonzo and a flat sterrato/potentially windy stage) and with the race starting tomorrow we still don't know how many and which teams will actually ride the race.

Imagine you're sponsoring the race and then they do this kind of amateur hour stuff. If they did a virtual/online presentation of the route one month ago and uploaded the stages nobody would have had a problem, apparently many teams were not even sure that the race would take place (Androni had Pellaud drop out of the Tour de Suisse to ride this one, apparently he's not too happy about it). How the hell is anyone supposed to take your race serious if you do this kind of stuff.
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Send this guy to Portugal instead!
Movistar, Team Medellín, a Russian national squad with Cosmonaut Frolov, whatever team elects to pick Davidenok and Fedosseyev now that they've been let go by Almaty (will probably be a Chinese team picking them up as mercenaries for Qinghai Lake, however), Salcano-Sakarya, Team Sapura with Celano, WorkService with Rebellin, and we'll be good to go.

David Belda, Andre Cardoso, Edward Díaz, Matija Kvasina and Fábio Montenegro are coming out of suspension too. Maybe somebody can take a flyer on young up-and-coming 43 year old Luís Fernando Camargo, his suspension is up on 31/7.
He is going to be 50 years old in one month...he is close to the level to those good cyclist...I think that is the most remarcable issue in that results....even more than Fortunato wining, that is remarcable, but less.
The guy lives like a monk (kinda surprised he has a wife) and follows a gluten-free vegan diet.
Speaking of the race, Kudus blew it. Pronskiy was ahead and still had 5 seconds with only 500m to go when he attacked, he pretty much did a leadout for Fortunato and caught his teammate before getting beaten by Fortunato.
Looks like Contador was really happy about Fortunato winning the gc, is Alberto moving to Bavaria?