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Lesser known races thread 2021

With two day to go i think we can be confident that the Clasica Comunitat Valenciana will go on.

Could have been pretty good if raced in the opposite way.
Live feed

VPN required if not living in France.*

Which I am not advising nor encouraging the usage of, merely making note of for educational purposes.
And meanwhile in France, Jonas Rutsch had the probably worst start to a season; he crashed out... of the neutral zone!
In the race there's a six-man group with about 50 seconds, and little under 50 K to go.

Not correct. Jonas Rutsch did not even show up to the start. Mathias le Turnier and Julen Amezqueta crashed out in the neutral zone and abandoned before the official start.
What a weird winner. Wasn't he supposed to be a non-explosive GC rider, Paret-Peintre?

Yeah, he was a very unlikely winner in that reduced sprint.

Trentin started it very early and Couqard had to pass him a bit too early to be able to hold on to the line, set it up for someone else to pass.

Probably some tired legs in the first race of the season for some.

But where was Laporte? Didnt even contest in it.
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