Lesser known races thread 2021

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Yeah, I'm excited to follow him this year as well. He impressed me a lot last year, especially in Brabantse Pijl (why didn't I pick him in this year's cq game again?).
Because you thought he would slave for Trentin, Hirschi and Kristoff.

Btw someone asked about Laporte. He retweed a video of a few riders taking a wrong turn with 30 km to go. He might have been in that group (images were very unclear).
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I don't think it is that unusual for riders not eligible to win the national title to appear in championship races in countries with few people contesting the event. I think it happens more in the time-trials where they cannot really affect anyone else, although Stewart didn't do that event on Friday.

Stewart rode in the NZ classic for a team called "Trust Team": I guess one can be on a club team as well as a UCI registered team. He must have spent the winter down there, part of the main cycling culture there, not difficult to ask for an exceptional invite under such circumstances.
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