Lesser known races thread 2021

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Last month during Besseges on the italian forum they said that l'equipe TV streaming isn't georestricted and apparently multiple users were watching it. If you are interested you should give a try and tell us.
But why wouldn't they just let international media have access? Pretty sure I watched Ardeche on ES Player last year.
And it's a bit late for me to try it; the races are done.
Feb 27, 2021
GP Industria & Artigianato.

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There was no race in 2020 due to covid. Maxmillian Schachmann was the winner in 2019.
So, errr... got any of those non-geostricted streams of questionable legality? Asking for a friend.
Just kidding, I'm asking for me.
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That young British guy in the attack during the GP Monséré is quite strong if you Askmey.

Less than 20 km to go. Cavendish looking solid, but can he outsprint Merlier and Dupont?
Yeah, those two young up and coming riders that have just bridged to the leading group in Larciano are pretty good too if you ask me. They'll have a nice career.

Shark and Bala they call em apparently.
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