Lesser known races thread 2021

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Okay, I can see the reasoning of Trek now, but I still wouldn't have done it that way. After all they brought Schelling and Valverde with them. And imagine if Schelling there would have gained first, Mollema second - how would that have looked?
Nibali thought Mollema would lose against Vansevenant in a sprint but that he would outsprint him??
Brambilla was the real threat.

Can somebody now open the Mauri is the new Bauke thread or do I have to do it?
Personally I would go for something along the lines of "Mauri is (hopefully) not the next Lauri, but he has beaten a Bauke while sprinting as fast as an Audi".
Nearly a shock there in GP Industria Artigianato with Schelling nearly taking the big 4 by surprise.
That was a lovely race to watch. Particularly enjoyed the Nibs descending master class again.